There are moments in life that are so huge that they literally change the course of who you are. Moments that alter everything for the better. Some people recognize and grasp these and others let them pass them by. Are you ready?

You’re slowly creeping along the banks of the clearest stream you’ve ever seen, scanning the water for shadows. Snow-capped mountains dominate the landscape in every direction. Your guide spots a brown trout lazily sipping mayflies along the far bank. Your pulse quickens as you see the fish come off the bottom to eat. Holy cow, this is the biggest fish you have ever seen and you’re about to cast to it! Crouching even lower so as to not be seen, pay out some line, and wait for your guide’s instruction. “Cast just to the right of that overhanging limb about 8 feet upstream of the fish”, the guide whispers. With sweaty palms and weak knees, you take a deep breathe to calm your nerves. Casting, your line zips through the air, dropping your fly as you dreamed it would. You mend once, count to three, and before you even have time to think, you see the open mouth and broad shoulders of a 9-pound brown trout engulf your dry fly and the last thing you remember is your guide yelling “SET!” as your line goes tight and the water explodes…

This is the trip that tops every serious fly fisherman’s bucket list. There is no destination in the world that offers what New Zealand does. Whether it be the stunning, almost surreal scenery, the crystal clear rivers, or the sheer size and strength of these wild fish…the South Island is simply the best.

Join us for what is sure to be one of the greatest adventure Concord Outfitters has ever embarked upon. This is the trip that you have been asking for. It will most definitely sell out quickly. Check your schedule, tell your spouse, quit your job…do whatever you have to do. This opportunity might not come again! Here we are folks, this is your moment…will you grasp it?

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