New Zealand, South Island


January 16th – 27th

New Zealand should be at the top of every anglers bucket list. We first traveled to New Zealand seven years ago and every couple years we have the opportunity to return. The staggering beauty of the landscape and the unmatched power of its wild fish keep calling us back.


We have over 20 years of experience hosting destination fly fishing trips. Every detail of this trip has been hand picked to create a unique, curated experience that takes advantage of all that New Zealand has to offer. This year lines up with the seeding cycle of New Zealand’s native beach trees. This increases the mouse population and leads to big browns looking to feed on mice. You don’t want to miss this. Join us this winter on the famous South Island of New Zealand for another trip of a lifetime.

While on the South Island, we will be splitting our time between two acclaimed lodges. Our first stop will bring us to Riverhaven Lodge. Located in Murchison and surrounded by the Kahurangi National Park, Riverhaven is centrally located at the top of the South Island. This will be where we begin our journey, giving us access to over thirty rivers by car and another twenty by helicopter. While at Riverhaven, you will find yourself immersed in some of the most stunning scenery you will ever experience. This surreal backdrop somehow manages to fade into the background as we spot what we came for, a 10lbs brown trout in cystal clear water, lazily sipping mayflies along the far bank.
After four days of exploring the water around Riverhaven, we will make the scenic drive to Riverview Lodge. Our transfer day will be spent fishing our way across the Island before we settle in for three more days of world class fishing.


Riverview’s tranquil atmosphere, with remarkable panoramic views spreading in all directions, embodies all that we love about fishing the South Island. Their experienced guide staff will provide us with an unparalleled fishing experience. When it comes to sight fishing for trophy brown trout, it doesn’t get any better!

There is no destination in the world that offers what New Zealand does. By spreading the trip out between two world class lodges, we will cover a range and verity of water that is unique to our trip. Whether its the stunning scenery, the crystal clear rivers, or the sheer size and strength of these wild fish…the South Island is simply the best.
New Zealand (South Island)
January 16th – 27th
7 days of guided fishing plus 1 day DIY fishing
All food, lodging, and guiding included
$5,975.00 per angler

This trip is limited and the trip will sell out quickly. Call us at (978) 318-0330 with any questions or to reserve your spot.