Reel Action Alaska operates as a full service tent lodge that has been designed to provide our guests with all the comforts needed for living in the bush. The location of our lodge (1 mile from tide water) was carefully chosen to provide our guests a front row seat to the freshest chrome bright fly fishing action in Alaska. The best holding water to fly fish for fresh run kings, silvers, chums, and pinks is right in front of our lodge. What makes our experience unique is while having the best access to chrome bright salmon action we also have a tremendous rainbow trout fishery in both the lower and upper river. Kanektok River leopard rainbows are spectacular to admire and a lot of fun to catch – top water action is normal for them and our favorite way to entice them is with mouse patterns! After a long full day of fly fishing you will be staying in all new customized wall tents equipped with all the amenities to be comfortable in the Alaskan bush. The interior of the tents were specifically designed by our owners and staff that have over 30 years of combined guiding and work experience in Alaska.


The Fishery:

Rainbow Trout

The rainbow trout in this river are beautiful and a real pleasure to fish for.  With true ‘leopard’ genetics, they are the MOST stunning rainbows in Alaska – bright red lateral stripes and large, prominent spots across their entire body, even their eyes!

These rainbows average 18-24” and can be caught in the main river as well as in the plethora of smaller side channels.  You can sight cast for a lot of these fish and they can be caught using a variety of flies and techniques including mouse patterns, leach patterns, egg flies, flesh flies, dry flies and nymphs.


Dolly Varden & Arctic Char

The Kanektok has no shortage of these eager fish.  Entering the river as a bright silver army, the fish gradually change color as they get closer to spawning.  Now, saying these fish change color is a bit of an understatement.  At first they change just a little – they still have very silvery sides, but develop light pink spots and have a generalized blue sheen.  By the time spawning is at its peak however, the dollies become some of the most beautiful fish on earth.  They have neon bright orange/red bellies that almost seem to glow and sport a fantastic green and blue, sometimes almost turquoise upper body.  This coloration is made even more vivid by the many vibrant orange spots that dapple their body.  In a nutshell, dollies are the ‘tropical fish’ of Alaska.  It is not uncommon for people who catch these magnificent fish to say that they are the most beautiful fish they have ever seen or caught.

Fishing for dollies is a lot of fun.  They are aggressive, come in huge numbers and can be easily sight casted to.  Averaging 18-24,” larger fish range up to 28.” They can be caught on leaches, dry flies, mice and egg patterns.


Silver Salmon

What a blast silvers are!  Ranging in average weight from 8-12 pounds, they also come in huge numbers.  Unique to this river too, there are SO MANY of them that you can catch chrome bright fish for the entire 5-week season – they just keep coming and coming…

Incredible fighters, silvers, like chum salmon are also very top water oriented.  They are aggressive, strong and acrobatic fish.  They can be caught from shore or from a boat, in sloughs and off gravel bars.  You can catch them by stripping weighted flies, or by using poppers, wogs, gurglers and even dead drifting into the swing.  There is excellent sight casting opportunities, and they will often take the fly just at rod’s length after having chased it for 20-30 feet.  When they want it, they want it!



We have customized spacious 10 x 12ft and 12 x 12ft heated wall tent cabins with wooden floors and carpeting. These wall tents are super strong, waterproof and can withstand the weather conditions in Alaska. For your comfort we sleep single occupancy, one client per tent cabin. The tent cabins are furnished with a padded cot with quilt and high quality sleeping bag, soft pillows, dresser, lantern, mosquito coil, clean linens for showering, clothes hangers, windows with screening, and plenty of storage room for your luggage and gear. If you need generator power for a C-Pap machine we have transportable 2000 watt Honda generators that are super quiet to meet all of your sleeping needs. We also provide you with reading materials that contain history and information on the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge and the native Yupik culture that has been dated back to 1000AD. Guests find this a fascinating read and we feel it’s important to educate everyone on the native culture and history of this tremendous fishery.


You will eat three delicious meals per day prepared by our head chef. A hot breakfast is served daily with lunch either at camp or packed to take with you maximizing your fishing day. Dinner is served in our spacious dining tent with freshly baked breads and pastries along with fresh produce. Main specialty entrées of steak, fish, chicken, and pasta are prepared by our head chef who is also experienced cooking for any special dietary needs. He will surely make your dining experience the best a tent lodge in Alaska has to offer!