A Concord native, Dylan grew up fishing for bass, sunfish, and trout on any water he could walk or bike to. His natural affinity for fishing was witnessed early on by his first grade teacher, who nervously cautioned his parents. In a meeting with his parents, his teacher said, “He is adjusting well to first grade, but he has an obsession with fishing. During art he draws fish, during writing he writes about fish, and during book time he wants to take out books about fishing. As responsible parents you should really try to engage him in some other less violent interests!” As it turned out, Dylan was lucky that his hippie parents took a laissez-faire approach to resolving the problem.

At age 14, he entered Concord Outfitters and met Andy, who set him up with his first fly rod. From this moment on, he was hooked.  His passion started with chasing trout in western MA and rapidly developed to larger rivers in western NY and chasing striped bass. When he went to college in Saratoga Springs, NY he founded Skidmore’s Fly Fishing club and loved the excitement that came with bringing new people to the sport. He quickly became addicted to the big smallmouth Bass of Lake George and Lake Champagne, as well as the wild browns of New York and Vermont. He has since moved back to Concord and frequents the lakes of Maine for smallmouths, the North Shore for Striped Bass… and he can always be found casting dries to chunky trout on the rivers of Western Massachusetts.

He loves to talk and share his knowledge about all things fishing, so come on in and pick his brain!

Favorite Rod/Reel: Orvis Helios 9′ 4wt mid flex, Hatch 4 Plus