Dick doesn’t do a whole heckuva lot around the shop.  In fact, most days he doesn’t even show up.  He’s old and slow and can’t remember which button to press to answer the phone, but he is quick with a joke and often times leaves his lunch unattended just long enough for the rest of the staff to eat it.  (He always thinks it was him that ate it and we’re starting to get a little concerned about his weight loss, but his wife packs a mean lunch, so we’re going with it for now).  Dick is available for guided days, but due to {bladder control issues} scheduling conflicts, we like to limit him to half days.  You won’t catch many fish while fishing with Dick, but you’ll hear more stories about fiber supplements than you can shake a stick at.  We’re just kidding… he doesn’t actually work here… he’s just been begging to get his picture on the site for so long we figured we’d sneak him in here.

Favorite Rod/Reel:  Zebco Snoopy Reel and Rod combo set.