Andy Bonzagni


Andy has been fly fishing all over the world since 1970.  Following his passion for fly fishing, Andy decided to walk away from his chosen profession of cosmetology and opened up Concord Outfitters in 1999.  Equally proficient in both fresh and saltwater, Andy will say that his favorite place in the world to fish is the Lodgepole River in British Columbia.  This is not to say that the fish in New Zealand, the Bahamas, Belize, Patagonia, Montana, etc… are any safer.  Andy can be found guiding on local rivers year round and when he’s not guiding, he’s teaching Fly Fishing 101 courses out of the shop to help people young and old get into the sport or spearheading local stream restoration efforts.  Need a casting lesson?… Andy’s your guy!

Wait, did I say “cosmetology”?  I meant “construction”.

Favorite Rod/Reel:  Sage X 9′ 5wt, Hatch 3 Plus
Favorite artist: Elmo

Dylan Callahan


A Concord native, Dylan grew up fishing for bass, sunfish, and trout on any water he could walk or bike to. 

At age 14, he entered Concord Outfitters and met Andy, who set him up with his first fly rod. From this moment on, he was hooked.  His passion started with chasing trout in western MA and rapidly developed to larger rivers in western NY and chasing striped bass. When he went to college in Saratoga Springs, NY he founded Skidmore’s Fly Fishing club and loved the excitement that came with bringing new people to the sport. He quickly became addicted to the big smallmouth Bass of Lake George and Lake Champagne, as well as the wild browns of New York and Vermont. He has since moved back to Concord and frequents the lakes of Maine for smallmouths, the North Shore for Striped Bass… and he can always be found casting dries to chunky trout on the rivers of Western Massachusetts.

He loves to talk and share his knowledge about all things fishing, so come on in and pick his brain!

Favorite Rod/Reel: Orvis Helios 3D 9′ 10wt , Hatch 9 Plus

Dan Bean

IT Support

Dan began fishing as soon as he could throw a spinning rod. He spent much of his childhood catching largemouth in all the local spots. Shortly after high school his dreams of MLF bass tours were cast aside when he caught his first trout on a fly rod. His passion for fly fishing grew quickly. As a matter of fact he packed up his car one day and moved to Montana to fish the Yellowstone region and beyond. His love for saltwater fishing has brought him back, and when he is not in the shop he can be seen fishing along the New England coast for Stripers and Albies or on your favorite trout stream. Every now and again you may see him casting poppers to largemouth along the Concord River. Stop in and talk to him about your favorite spot either here or out west!

Favorite Rod/Reel:  Thomas & Thomas Exocett 9wt, Hatch 7 Plus

Dick Wolk


Dick doesn’t do a whole heckuva lot around the shop.  In fact, most days he doesn’t even show up.  He’s old and slow and can’t remember which button to press to answer the phone, but he is quick with a joke and often times leaves his lunch unattended just long enough for the rest of the staff to eat it.  (He always thinks it was him that ate it and we’re starting to get a little concerned about his weight loss, but his wife packs a mean lunch, so we’re going with it for now).  Dick is available for guided days, but due to {bladder control issues} scheduling conflicts, we like to limit him to half days.  You won’t catch many fish while fishing with Dick, but you’ll hear more stories about fiber supplements than you can shake a stick at.  We’re just kidding… he doesn’t actually work here… he’s just been begging to get his picture on the site for so long we figured we’d sneak him in here.

Favorite Rod/Reel:  Zebco Snoopy Reel and Rod combo set