Emerger Tying Class: Saturday, February 9th 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm

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Emerger Class: Saturday February 9th, 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 12pm

Have you ever been frustrated by a pod of rising trout and couldn’t figure out what they were eating? Have you thrown every dry fly in your box at these snooty browns, to only put them down or walk away defeated? One way to avoid being the laughing stock of the trout pool, is to go prepared with a series of crippled emergers. These surface-film riding creations are effective at fooling big weary trout. In this class you will learn the ways to tie these creations to imitate both Mayfly and Caddis emergers. The best part is they are not that hard to tie. With some basic techniques you will be fooling big trout and feared among fish communities nationwide.

X-caddis: This is a low-riding caddis emerger that I use on all of our trout streams in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Don’t worry, it works everywhere trout and caddis co-habitat. A combination of antron and deer hair, this is regarded as the classic guide fly.

Klinkhammer special: This is a tried and true emerger. The shuck and abdomen sit below the film while the thorax and wing ride in the film, keeping the post visible to the angler. This is a great fly and can be tied to represent virtually any species of mayfly.

Quigley Cripple: This is another mayfly imitation and includes deerhair and hackle for an interesting wing. This sits low in the film and is buoyant due to the hair and can be fished in choppy water.

Snowshoe Comparadun: This is like the classic comparadun, except tied on a light-wire scud hook and snowshoe rabbit foot fur for the wing. Another universally effective mayfly pattern.

The cost of the class is $35.00/person due at sign up and is limited to 6 people. Jays last class filled up fast so give us a call at the shop at (978) 318 – 0330 with any questions or to reserve your spot!