This Fall, we will be joining the 2016 Orvis Fly fishing guide of the year, Blackfoot River Outfitters, on a hosted trip to Missoula Montana. If you have never fished or visited Missoula, or if your looking to return to this beautiful area, this trip will provide the opportunity to fish several different famed bodies of water. We cant wait to join Blackfoot River Outfitters on the amazing selection of rivers they target. Here are just a few that we will fish:

Georgetown Lake. What attracts us are the rainbow trout in the 16″- 24″ range. Yes, we said 24″ rainbows. As if these giant rainbows weren’t enough – we catch numbers of brook trout over 16” and several every year exceeding 20”! You don’t need to travel to Labrador to see fish like this – they live here – and plenty of them

The Blackfoot river. 
Its bottomless emerald pools, boulder strewn pocket water and diamond chop riffles all shaded by moss covered cliffs and towering ponderosa pines combine to make this the epitome of Montana fly-fishing. Thanks to a diligent concerted effort between neighboring landowners, government agencies, conservation organizations and concerned anglers, restored spawning tributaries are continually enhancing trout populations – especially those native to the river. Combining such exceptional juvenile trout recruitment with restrictive creel limits results in a Blackfoot River teeming with fish like biceps.

The Bitterroot River makes for an unforgettable setting. The Bitterroot’s upper reaches near the confluence of the West and East Forks around Darby, Montana contains classic riffle – run water that clips right along and is chock full of fat native westslope cutthroat.  Further downstream (this river along with several others in the area actually flows South to North) toward Missoula the Bitterroot’s pace begins to slow.  There, grassy undercuts and log strewn corners harbor more browns and rainbows than above with the average trout size jumping in relation to the river size.

The Clark Fork, often described locally as two distinct rivers, it provides decidedly different characteristics on its upper and lower reaches. In the snaking meanders upstream of Missoula, butter-bellied browns explode on baitfish darting from deadfall snags and hoppers haplessly bumping along grassy undercuts. Following her confluence of the Blackfoot and Bitterroot, the Clark Fork through and below town widens and slows. This is the ultimate for anglers hunting line-ripping rainbows and cutthroats on light tippets.

Rock Creek, where the fishing is as exhilarating as the scenery and a legendary salmon fly hatch from which all others are measured. It drains the north eastern edge of the stunning Pintler range before slicing through the Sapphire mountains on its 50 mile course to the Clark Fork.  This pristine, free flowing stream boasts one of the highest trout per mile counts in the state. Rock Creek is a perfect “fly fishing classroom” complete with consistent depth and speed riffles for nymphing, long and smooth tailout dry fly slicks, and boulder-choked fast water corners providing a haven for streamer chase’n trout.

Spots will fill up fast so make sure to give us a call at (978) – 318 – 0330 with any questions or to reserve your spot!