Trade In Program

Updated February 16th 2019

Turn your old gear into new. Let us sell your old gear - rods, reels, nets - and you will get store credit for the sale price less 10%.

Are you looking to replace that old favorite rod that you crunched in a ceiling fan or car door, or that old reel you left on the roof when you set off home after a long day on the river? Check out the trade-in program!



Orvis Mach V Just In!! 

A great saltwater reel. Comes with two spare spools and cases, making it a great starting combo. Good condition. $299.00

Ross F1 4/5

Great condition. $125.00 

Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor V 

A great Steelhead and starter Saltwater reel. Great condition. $100.00

Vortex 9/10 with WF9F Line 

A great all around salt water reel. Great condition. $175.0

Hardy Marquise 8/9 with WF9F Line

Made in England. $175.00

Orvis Mirage III Spool

Brand new spare spool for a Mirage III. Spools for this great reel are getting harder to find so if you've been looking to add an extra spool/line to your setup this is a great deal. Perfect condition. Spool with a new WF5F line $145.00


Redington AL 13/14.

A good starter saltwater reel in great condition. $80.00





Sage ZXL 480 - 4 Just In!! 

Perfectly suited for our New England waters. One of our shop favorites. Good condition. $275.00

Orvis Clearwater 909-4 Tip Flex w/ Orvis Battenkill IV and 9wt line 

The perfect starter set up for all things New England Salt. Great condition. $200.00

Helios 1 909-4 

The perfect Striper rod. Great condition. $450.00

Helios 2 905-4 Mid Flex w/ Mirage II Reel and Line 

Whether your just getting started or looking to update your gear, this rod and reel combo is hard to beat. Perfect condition. $500.00

Loop AEG Series 905-3  

A great all around trout and bass rod. Good condition. $125.00

Helios 2 865-4 Mid Flex

The perfect size for our New England streams. Perfect condition. $350.00

Sage Response 586-4

Looking for a great backup 5wt? Great condition. $195.00