Hosted trips

Concord Outfitters organizes fishing trips to national and international destinations, from upstate New York, to Montana, the Bahamas, New Zealand and Patagonia. We team up with the best local guides to ensure you have the most memorable experience.


April 21st – 28th 2018


Cuba has finally opened up its doors to American fishermen, and last February Concord Outfitters made its maiden voyage down to those fabled waters.  Over the past fifteen years, we have traveled all over the world fishing both fresh and saltwater, and without a doubt this trip ranks as one of the best we have ever done. Much has been written about the pristine crystal clear waters surrounding Cuba, and after seeing it first hand this winter, it lived up to the hype.

Securing a week in “prime time” for Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish is no easy feat.  Not only did we manage to pull that off, but we also reserved the best boat in the Avalon fleet, the Avalon II.  Avalon II has ten private rooms and three spacious decks that make for some comfortable living while you’re out on the water. Did I say we’ve also arranged for us to be fishing in Zone B, arguably the most productive location that time of year for migrating Tarpon and Permit?

One thing is for sure, next winter we’re sure to have plenty of snow and frigid temperatures.  Imagine waking up and walking out on the deck of the Avalon to look over the flats were you’ll spend the day fishing. Each morning you meet with you guide to discuss the day’s adventure and figure out which species (Tarpon, Permit or Bonefish) you will be targeting. Our group will have exclusive rights to “Zone B,” meaning there is no need to rush to a flat or worry our area will be over-fished. When the day ends you will travel back to Avalon for a shower and a Mojito out on the deck right where you began your morning.

Book this trip now – call 978-318-0330.

125662136.hm2BcPi5.DSC_7222 Permit-11

Water Cay, Bahamas

March 10th – 17th 2018

April 7th – 14th 2018

Andy Mac Bone copy

As always Concord Outfitters will be running a trip to the famed Water Cay, Bahamas this spring. Needless to say, last winter was a tough one and to add insult to injury the Farmers Almanac is calling for another brutal one this year! When January comes around you’ll be begging to be in the Bahamian sun stalking bonefish on these gorgeous flats! This trip will sell out fast!

Bonefishing Flats copy

Water Cay is well known for it’s endless flats, mangrove lagoons, and channels providing ample opportunities to stalk bonefish and enjoy the solitude that surrounds this cay.
Water Cay Bonefish Lodge’s master guide/owner Sidney Thomas runs their fishing program. Sidney has a tremendous bonefish pedigree. At 44 years of age, he has worked for all the best lodges on Grand Bahama either as their head guide or as a key bonefish guide. Devoted and hard working, Sidney is the “real deal” when it comes to guiding. Fishing is in Sidney’s blood and he has honed his craft to a samurai’s fine edge. Relying on his vast experience, Sidney has assembled a guide staff (including Ezra Thomas and Greg Rolle) that are with out a doubt the  best three guides we have ever fished with at Concord Outfitters.
As the water temps stabilize in March, the school fish show up in massive numbers and the big trophy fish mix with the schools as well.  In order to maintain the productivity of this vast habitat, the Lodge accommodates only six anglers a week. We will fish out of high-end, ultra shallow draft Beavertail technical skiffs with wading opportunities as well.


Back at the lodge, we will be served from an eclectic menu including “feel good-comfort food”, as well as some interesting local favorites.
The folks at Water Cay have never disappointed us in the last seven years we have been running trips to their lodge.
This is one of our most popular trips and will be sure to sell out quickly.  The trip includes 6 days 7 nights lodging and meals at Water Cay.  Flights, gratuity and travel expenses are not included. Give us a shout with any questions (978) 318-0330.

Steelhead Trips – Western NY

November 5th – 7th

November 12th – 14th

November 27th – 29th

By now you’ve all seen the photos and you’ve heard the tales of steelhead and gigantic browns hammering flies. You’re kicking yourself that you didn’t sign up for last year’s Steelhead/Brown Trout trip to Western NY. Well, fret no more! We are thrilled to have secured Reel Action Fly Fishing once again this year to guide us on some of the most productive “big fish” water in the country – Steelhead Alley.
Dylan Steelhead         Paul Jacob:Dom Brown

If you’ve ever walked the banks of the Salmon River in Pulaski looking for a spot to squeeze in… you NEED to book this trip. If you’ve never caught a 10+ pound brown trout on a 6wt… you NEED to book this trip. If you’ve never shown up to a river and scanned the banks and not seen a soul only to look down and see pods of ten, twenty, even thirty 10-15+ pound steelhead… you NEED to book this trip!!!
Andy Steelhead 10:27:15 Cat

These are some of the most popular trips we run and they are sure to sell out almost immediately. Do not delay on this one! Call us today to reserve your spot to make sure you don’t miss out on the fishing trip of a lifetime. Call us now at 978-318-0330.

Bill Brown

Call us now to reserve your spot: 978-318-0330.

Missouri River – Craig, Montana

May 5th – 11th 2018

Missouri River Landscape

The Missouri River in Craig, Montana, is one of the best trout fishery in the United States. There, we said it. There may be folks that will argue that their favorite river is right up there, but no one can dispute the stats! With 7,000 wild Browns and Rainbows per mile and fish averaging in the high teens and countless in the 20s this river is simply amazing. We have been fishing the Missouri River annually for years and the quality and quantity of fish in this river is just staggering. Many of our Missouri trips sees repeat customers year in and year out. That is pretty telling.
If you have never caught a 24 inch brown trout…you have to experience this river. This trip is a shop favorite and it never disappoints.

Mike Gilroy Missouri Brown 3

house pic 1House pic 2

Every aspect of this trip has been refined over the years to provide a near perfect Montana fishing experience.Tim Linehan will be outfitting the trip as he has done for us for years. Linehan is very a humble man, but is universally respected in the guide world. He and his wife Joanne own Linehan Outfitting Company and simply put, there is not a nicer or harder working guide out there. Tim has been in business for over 20 years and was named the 2013 Orvis Guide of the Year, as well as being named Montana Guide of the Year. He is the kind of guide that guides fish with on their day off.
We have hired Sherri Walls, of Canyon Cooking Catering, to prepare our breakfast and dinner each day in house. Linehan Outfitting will of course be providing lunch on the river.
This is a soup to nuts trip sparing no expense to create a relaxed and friendly setting to enjoy America’s premiere trout stream!
This trip sells out quicker than any other trip we offer…so don’t hesitate on this one!

Tim Linehan Missouri Brown

Check your calendar and call us at 978-318-0330 to reserve your spot today.

The cost of this trip includes:

  • Lodging
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • 5 Days of guided fishing

Does not include airfare or gratuities.


Fernie, British Colombia

August 5th – 11th (Sold Out)

Fishing with the folks at Fernie Wilderness Adventures has quickly become one of our favorite shop trips. Staying at their lodge creates a wonderful family style atmosphere that makes for the perfect start and finish to each day. You will have the chance to fish some of the most famous water in the Canadian Rockies. You will be able to target trophy Bull trout and fat Cutthroats in crystal clear water, in a visually stunning setting, all without seeing another angler in sight. Their experienced guides provide both wading and floating options on multiple rivers where a variety of techniques can be used and tailored to all levels of experience. Imagine spending your morning sight fishing big streamers to 10lbs plus Bull trout, then your afternoon casting a foam hopper to aggressively rising cutthroats that are shaped like footballs, the variety and quality of the fishing simply cannot be beat!  The wild and pristine nature of the rivers you will fish make this a uniquely special place that we cannot wait to return to.

August 5th – 11th 2017

This trip is extremely popular and will sell out quickly! Don’t miss your chance to experience this amazing fishery. Give us a call at the shop at: (978) 318 – 0330 to reserve your spot now!

 Missoula Montana

September 23rd – 29th 2017

This Fall, we will be joining the 2016 Orvis Fly fishing guide of the year, Blackfoot River Outfitters, on a hosted trip to Missoula Montana. If you have never fished or visited Missoula, or if your looking to return to this beautiful area, this trip will provide the opportunity to fish several different famed bodies of water. We cant wait to join Blackfoot River Outfitters on the amazing selection of rivers they target. Here are just a few that we will fish:

Georgetown Lake. What attracts us are the rainbow trout in the 16″- 24″ range. Yes, we said 24″ rainbows. As if these giant rainbows weren’t enough – we catch numbers of brook trout over 16” and several every year exceeding 20”! You don’t need to travel to Labrador to see fish like this – they live here – and plenty of them.

The Blackfoot river. Its bottomless emerald pools, boulder strewn pocket water and diamond chop riffles all shaded by moss covered cliffs and towering ponderosa pines combine to make this the epitome of Montana fly-fishing. Thanks to a diligent concerted effort between neighboring landowners, government agencies, conservation organizations and concerned anglers, restored spawning tributaries are continually enhancing trout populations – especially those native to the river. Combining such exceptional juvenile trout recruitment with restrictive creel limits results in a Blackfoot River teeming with fish like biceps.

The Bitterroot River makes for an unforgettable setting. The Bitterroot’s upper reaches near the confluence of the West and East Forks around Darby, Montana contains classic riffle – run water that clips right along and is chock full of fat native westslope cutthroat.  Further downstream (this river along with several others in the area actually flows South to North) toward Missoula the Bitterroot’s pace begins to slow.  There, grassy undercuts and log strewn corners harbor more browns and rainbows than above with the average trout size jumping in relation to the river size.

The Clark Fork, often described locally as two distinct rivers, it provides decidedly different characteristics on its upper and lower reaches. In the snaking meanders upstream of Missoula, butter-bellied browns explode on baitfish darting from deadfall snags and hoppers haplessly bumping along grassy undercuts. Following her confluence of the Blackfoot and Bitterroot, the Clark Fork through and below town widens and slows. This is the ultimate for anglers hunting line-ripping rainbows and cutthroats on light tippets.

Rock Creek, where the fishing is as exhilarating as the scenery and a legendary salmon fly hatch from which all others are measured. It drains the north eastern edge of the stunning Pintler range before slicing through the Sapphire mountains on its 50 mile course to the Clark Fork.  This pristine, free flowing stream boasts one of the highest trout per mile counts in the state. Rock Creek is a perfect “fly fishing classroom” complete with consistent depth and speed riffles for nymphing, long and smooth tailout dry fly slicks, and boulder-choked fast water corners providing a haven for streamer chase’n trout.

Spots will fill up fast so make sure to give us a call at (978) – 318 – 0330 with any questions or to reserve your spot!

New Zealand  

Stay tuned for 2018 dates

NZ 2015

There are moments in life that are so huge that they literally change the course of who you are. Moments that alter everything for the better. Some people recognize and grasp these and others let them pass them by. Are you ready?

You have asked and we have delivered. Join your friends at Concord Outfitters for the trip of a lifetime to the South Island of New Zealand in January of 2016!

Ben Mirin nz TroutBen Mirin New Zealand 2015

You’re slowly creeping along the banks of the clearest stream you’ve ever seen, scanning the water for shadows. Snow-capped mountains dominate the landscape in every direction. Your guide spots a brown trout lazily sipping mayflies along the far bank. Your pulse quickens as you see the fish come off the bottom to eat. Holy cow, this is the biggest fish you have ever seen and you’re about to cast to it! Crouching even lower so as to not be seen, pay out some line, and wait for your guide’s instruction. “Cast just to the right of that overhanging limb about 8 feet upstream of the fish”, the guide whispers. With sweaty palms and weak knees, you take a deep breathe to calm your nerves. Casting, your line zips through the air, dropping your fly as you dreamed it would. You mend once, count to three, and before you even have time to think, you see the open mouth and broad shoulders of a 9-pound brown trout engulf your dry fly and the last thing you remember is your guide yelling “SET!” as your line goes tight and the water explodes…

dick shafner nz brownDick Shafner New Zealand 2015

This is the trip that tops every serious fly fisherman’s bucket list. There is no destination in the world that offers what New Zealand does. Whether it be the stunning, almost surreal scenery, the crystal clear rivers, or the sheer size and strength of these wild fish…the South Island is simply the best.

Join us for what is sure to be one of the greatest adventure Concord Outfitters has ever embarked upon. This is the trip that you have been asking for. It will most definitely sell out quickly. Check your schedule, tell your spouse, quit your job…do whatever you have to do. This opportunity might not come again! Here we are folks, this is your moment…will you grasp it?

NZ Mountians