Don’t Miss Cuba 2019

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It may seem like a long way off but we have secured the Avalon II for the prime spring week in 2019. They will hold this week for Concord Outfitters and honor 2017 pricing. We have a waitlist for this years trip, don’t get left out and be on another waitlist. If you want to take this incredible adventure we require a $600.00 deposit to secure a spot. The 2018 trip sold out in seven days, don’t let this ship sail without you.

Cuba has finally opened up its doors to American fishermen, and last April Concord Outfitters made its second voyage down to those fabled waters.  Over the past fifteen years, we have traveled all over the world fishing both fresh and saltwater, and without a doubt this trip ranks as one of the best we have ever done. Much has been written about the pristine crystal clear waters surrounding Cuba, and after seeing it first hand, it lived up to the hype.

Securing a week in “prime time” for Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish is no easy feat.  Not only did we manage to pull that off, but we also reserved the best boat in the Avalon fleet, the Avalon II.  Avalon II has ten private rooms and three spacious decks that make for some comfortable living while you’re out on the water. Did I say we’ve also arranged for us to be fishing in arguably the most productive location that time of year for migrating Tarpon and Permit?

One thing is for sure, next winter we’re sure to have plenty of snow and frigid temperatures.  Imagine waking up and walking out on the deck of the Avalon to look over the flats were you’ll spend the day fishing. Each morning you’ll meet with your guide to discuss the day’s adventure and figure out which species (Tarpon, Permit or Bonefish) you will be targeting. You wont see another boat outside of our group, meaning there is no need to rush to a flat or worry our area will be over fished. When the day ends you will travel back to Avalon where you will be met with a Mojito on the deck right where you began your morning.

Fishing in Cuba is an opportunity that doesn’t come by every day, and the guys on last years trip can attest to that. Lucky for you, we have spots remaining on this epic trip, and I can guarantee fishing Cuba is a decision you won’t regret. We have a relationship with the experienced guide staff who we have hand picked for this trip; there isn’t a flat in those waters that they don’t know intimately. Our week in April has been set up to optimize the tides/moon phase, so the fish will be there, but the question is will you!


Call now to reserve your spot for 2019, time and space is limited (978) 318 – 0330.

April 27th – May 4th $8,495 per person